Chances Of Winning In Casino Games

So, you have decided how the Martingale system works, now you can estimate whether the game increases the chances of winning? It will depend on a huge number of factors – how much money is wagered at the start, what is the size of the initial bet, the size of the bankroll.

Let’s say we have chosen classic European roulette with one zero. Here we place bets of 5 rubles on “red”, on average, per hour, we win back 30 spins (the total bankroll is 1000 rubles). Simple mathematical calculations show that the player will lose 54% of the time and win only 46% of the time. If an hour-long game ends in positive territory, in this case, on average, about 16 rubles will be won. If we lose, we lose a lot more, namely 28 rubles.

Let’s go back to the initial data. So, we have a roulette wheel, we bet 5 rubles on red, make 30 spins, and have 1000 rubles per game. Now we play according to the Martingale system and double the rate after each loss. And here’s the bad luck – the chance of winning increases to 82%. However, the risks increase many times over – if we win, we will earn 68 rubles per hour, if we lose, we will lose 456 rubles, almost half of the bankroll.

If You Still Use Martingale

If you do use this system, remember that this system works best in the short term. Thus, the longer the game lasts, the higher the chances of losing. Over time, the chances of stumbling into a loose streak increase, or you simply run out of funds, or you reach the table limit.

Martingale in practice is as simple as a stool, which is why it is used by swindlers so actively. The reason – the calculation goes to beginners who have not yet had time to burn themselves and begin to play. There are no difficulties, in some cases, theoretically, the system can work. Buying a “unique technique”, you will not find in it lengthy discussions about long or short distances, about long winning streaks or table limit … But is this necessary for a buyer who piously believes in freebies?

Betting systems are not at all evil in their true manifestation. In roulette and blackjack, professionals actively use betting systems, but Martingale is avoided like fire. Other progressive systems, where you need to increase the rate after winning (and not losing), as well as a haphazard game will bring more pleasure and profit.


The second most common betting system in roulette is the d’Alembert system, where the bet on increases by a predetermined amount after a loss and decreases after a win. For example, the size of the initial bet reaches $ 10, the step is also $ 10. If the stake is 10 and you have lost, the next bet should be 20. In case of repeated loss, it increases to 30. In case of winning, we decrease the bet again to 20.

There are a lot of systems and we collect their descriptions in this section, be sure to read them on the site! But, remember, no, absolutely no system will give a guaranteed win. The mathematical advantage of the casino cannot be overcome – you will lose money over a long period of the game and nothing can be done about it.

The main advantage of using any kind of system – betting – you do not run the risk of making impulse bets. Obeying your emotions, you will not put 100 rubles on the line instead of the usual 10 in order to win back all the losses during the session.

Betting systems are a great way to control yourself and get new sensations from the usual game. However, refrain from using Martingale!

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